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The 105th United States Congress enacted into Law the Workforce Investment Act to “consolidate, coordinate, and improve employment, training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs in the United States.” 
In each local area, a local Workforce Investment Board is charged with policy making and governance of workforce investment and development activities, allowing the Board to ensure that investments are locally driven. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are 67 counties and 22 established Workforce Investment Boards.
The Bucks County Workforce Investment Board (BC-WIB) works to ensure that the Bucks County workforce system, covering numerous agencies and multiple disciplines, meets both employer’ needs for skilled workers and workers’ needs for career and economic advancement. The BC-WIB oversees the development of partnerships with employers, economic development and educational agencies and other programs to leverage all local resources available to the benefit of our local workforce.
Strategic planning for our workforce incorporates four dynamic factors:
1.       Economic Indicators
2.       Workforce Indicators
3.       Demographic Indicators
4.       Education Indicators
Economic Indicators include reviewing the current unemployment rate compared to relative time frames and areas and analyzing the established companies/industries in the local area and the projected job growth opportunities.
Workforce Indicators include current statistics from the local operations as generated by the PA CareerLink® Bucks County. The PA CareerLink® Bucks County is the one stop center where employers and job seekers access free services to be effectively and mutually matched according to skills and job opportunities. The PA CareerLink® is where the “Labor Force Attachment” work of the BC-WIB occurs: An unemployed Bucks County resident is attached to a Bucks County employer with a job opening.
Demographic and Education Indicators provide contextual information about the Bucks County workforce, those who are already actively engaged in it, those who are seeking reengagement, and our pipeline of potential workers. By analyzing Demographic and Education Indicators, the BC-WIB is able to advance their “Human Capital Investment” work and ensure effective stewardship and investments of workforce dollars into long-term economic vitality for the County.

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